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Child Health Care Nursing, to Nurture Children's Well-being and Future

    Child health care nursing is defined as "the practical science of nurturing the child's well-being and future focused on children and their environment (including family and family members as the human environment)." This "study of child support" assures the interaction/transaction between children and their environment, to ensure healthy growth and development.

    At the Division of Family Health Care Nursing, Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences, I am in charge of child health care nursing and family health care nursing, including research, education, practice, social contribution and other activities. Our main focus, by means of a multidisciplinary approach involving child health care nursing, family health care nursing and other subjects, is to support children, their families and family members.

    A child's smile is something to be treasured. It is the mission of those of us at universities, which are institutions serving society, to safeguard the smiles of children, and their families. Hohashi Lab. intends to keep forging ahead, 24/7, in its quest to realize children's well-being and a better future.

Prof. Dr. Naohiro Hohashi

February 4, 2013